Tuesday, 27 September 2011

santa maria del sur


This is one of my local Argentinian restaurant, that discovered in winter last year.

We saw this place on TV and wanted to visit, but finally when we manage to go there, it was already 5 months after we've seen on TV first time....

One day we just walked into the restaurant, (we didn't know how busy it's get after shown on TV.) and we felt a bit stupid... restaurant was really really full and staff told us they are fully booked until next 4-5 months.

I couldn't believe it.
But this staff was extremely helpful, or he might just felt too bad to send those couple outside.... so end of the night we've got a table. yey!!
Food was amazing.
The meat, "OH", that was so good.
I've never really tasted as good Argentinian meat as in this place before.
We left the restaurant fully satisfied and super full... I couldn't move for a while.

Since then we are big fan of this restaurant.


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