Monday, 7 November 2011

cook at home party

I have a bad habit to cook large amount.
My mother also cook so much food since I was a kid. It is not happening every day that I can cook, so whenever I can I'd cook a lot and keep them in a freezer. That is my idea.

One Saturday afternoon, I invited some of my colleague and friends at my place. 
People started to pop in to my place around 3pm.
I had prepared some fresh avocado dips, that I prepared last night... when I came home from work at 2 am. Thomas seemed not happy about it. I persuade him it is better to rest over night. and He helped me a lot.
Next morning, I got up at 8am to prepare sam gye tang, which is a korean chicken soup. I've prepared chicken and start to cook in water with spices for at least 8 hours. I can not wait to taste it. 

Pop and fun paper napkins.  They are all from Chicago.
Korean seasoned dried seaweed. It is very useful to use in soup or topping of rice.
This is the fresh avocado dip.
Layer of mushed avocado(seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice), sliced black olives, red chili, chopped cherry tomato, sour cream and grated cheese on the top. Served with Doritos. 
It was delicious.
Ali, friend of us helping cooking. 
I've never seen so many people in the kitchen!! Everybody cooking something really seriously.
Sachiko, she is adorable. 
She brought an apron from home. So cute!
Sachiko giving a guide to Mari, how to make Vietnamese spring roll. 
Ali+Raphael made Kimchee tart, Thomas made chicken with roquefort cheese wrapped with bacon, Mari brought Spanish omelet, Sachiko's Spring roll, Asami cooked pan fried peppers, Ai-san brought Onigiri which is Japanese rice balls and we ate so much!! And everything so so tasty.
My sam gye tang was delicious too. (again, I forgot to take a photo...)

Play game with everybody. And we laughed so much. 
And finish the night with home made banoffee pie and tea.  

We ate so much food and laughd so much... It was great night.

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