Monday, 7 November 2011

restaurant show

 This is one of the biggest restaurant event in London, The Restaurant show. 
It was held at Earl's Court Exhibition center. I was honoured to do sake and food matching seminar at the main stage. 
The talented head chef from Roka restaurant Hamish Brown cooked 4 different dishes, and I've served 4 different sake that goes well with each dishes. 
ロンドンでも最も大きいレストランのイベント、レストランショーが、Earl's Court Exhibition centerで開催されました。
今回は光栄にも、料理と日本酒のフードマッチングをテーマに、 Rokaのヘッドシェフ、Hamish Brownと共に、4種類の料理とそれぞれに合った日本酒を提供しました。
 The luckiest 8 people could try these fabulous dishes and sake on both side of our stage, and about 40 audience tried bite sized dishes with sake.
 I was talking about Warm sake. 
The difference between warm sake and cold sake, also history...etc, I had so much to talk about!!
So these are the selection of the day. 
Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri, Junmai, Kokuryu Junmai Ginjo, Dewazakura Ouka (served as warm, and there is no bottle to present... I'm sorry), and Fukuju awasaki Sparkling sake. 
I wanted to talk so much more but we had only 45 minutes to talk about food, sake and food+sake matching. It was not enough, but I had a few question from the audience.
I served Masumi with eggplant with Den-miso. The sweetness of the miso and spicy earthiness of the Masumi were a perfect match. 
Kokuryu Junmai Ginjo's character always surprise me. We served sea bass with truffle and Yuzu( Japanese citrus) sauce with Kokuryu. This dish has such a rich flavor of truffle and yuzu, which is not really a common flavor in Japanese cuisine, but Kokuryu was perfect with this flavor and I had very good feed back from everybody.
Then Dewazakura Ouka as warm, served around 43 ℃.
And sparkling sake with dessert.
 These photos were taken by Sasaki-san, Thank you very much! 
Our general manager and PR came to see the seminar and I had very good feed back from them too. I was so happy.
Asami san from World Sake Import, also came to cheer me up, and after I finish the seminar we walked around for a little while...  
World Sake Importのあさみさんも今回応援に駆けつけてくれ、セミナーが終わった後は一緒に会場を見学。
Mushrooms. It will be good season soon.
Fresh pasta... looks so yummy.
We had herb tasting.
Very interesting and we probably tried everything...
Special thanks to Kitabayashi san from S.K.Y and Asami san from World Sake Import!
今回お酒を提供してくださったS.K.Yの北林さん、そしてWorld Sake Importのあさみさん、ありがとうございました。

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