Monday, 30 January 2012

my diary

I can not believe January is already over... I'm sure everybody have same feeling as me. Don't you??
How was your January?
My January was very busy and tasty month. 

I manage to invite some of my friends and colleague at home and cooked BIG lunch again. 
Went to Min Jiang for lovely sake tasting. 
5th Anniversary party at our local restaurant Gazette
Farewell party/girls night for my colleague at Roka restaurant
Late supper at the Bar Boulud in Mandarin Hotel... such an delicious Charcuterie board... 
Girls talk at fifth floor bar in Harvey Nichols.
And new project, new year's target and so on, I couldn't survive without my diary. 
And I won't.
Since last year, I'm 100% rely onto my diary from Smythson
Smythson has beautiful leather items and they are simple, classic and stylish. Some of you might remember my diary from last year. And this is my new baby. 
I'm going through a lot with this diary in this year!!

Min Jiangでは素敵な夕食を山廃と一緒に頂いたり、
Roka restaurantでは同僚のお別れ会兼、女子会を、
遅めの夕食をMandarin HotelのBar Bouludで頂き、(ここのCharcuterieのプラッターはとてもボリュームがあって、かなり納得の質)
同僚と、仕事の事や将来の夢を遅くまで話し合ったのは、Harvey Nicholsの5階にある、その名もfifth floor bar


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