Saturday, 21 September 2013


One of my favorite place where I could feel so relaxed, be able to forget about hustle and bustle and don't think about work is hair salon. I love the smell, light (usually soft and cozy) and atmosphere. 
In Tokyo, I've been to this hair salon for over 15 years. This is the first ever hair salon where actually listen to me what I want, not what they think would be nice. 

Last time when I went back to Japan I saw the lady who is always cut my hair.
And she told me about her new hobby. 
Well, I've looked into her website and it does look so much more than hobby. Because her exibition made great success and she has even published a book!!

Those dolls were all handmade and every single dolls has different face and character. 
It does reminds me the temple in Kyoto, where holds 1001 Buddha statues and all looks different(Sanju Sangen Do). If you are interested, please visit her website!! They are very very cute.


後でウェブサイトを拝見したり、送って頂いた写真を拝見した限りでは、個展は大盛況、そして写真集まで出版されたとか!! これは趣味の境域を超えているのではと思いました。



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