Wednesday, 1 February 2012

sake tasting night vol 8.

Happy New Year!

Our first sake event in 2012 was held at the beautiful Chinese restaurant in Royal Garden Hotel called Min Jiang.
Tonight's theme were Yamahai sake, which is made with traditional process and usually content high in lactic acid and umami. 
Asami san brought some "Surume" which is sun dried squid that contents a loads of Umami to taste with the sake of tonight. We were just cutting this squid before the other guests were arriving. 
We were really busy!!

さて、今年に入って初めての日本酒の会ですが、先日Royal Garden Hotelにあるとても素敵な中華レストラン、Min Jiangで行いました。
Min Jiang is on the 10th floor and you can not miss such a beautiful view. Very modern decor in the restaurant. The view from the window brings brightness in the lunch time and evening is turning to a very romantic atmosphere... 

We had 5 types of sake tonight.
Staff from the restaurant were really really helpful and so kind. I've asked so much but they were tried so hard to make our night perfect!! Amazing!!!

We've tasted sake first and made a note of each sake and tried with Surume after.
It was really interested. Each sake had nice characteristic. some are nutty, some have balanced acidity, and comfort flavor... this is Yamahai. I love Yamahai!!!!
今回お世話になったMin Jiangは、ホテルの10階にあり、素敵な眺めが見渡せます。とてもモダンな内装で、お昼にはとても明るい日差しがレストランに注ぎ、夜はまたとてもロマンチックな雰囲気になります。


And we open the blind fold.....
This is the selection of sake tonight.
Sake 1: Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai (opened one week ago)
Sake 2: Miyasaka Yamahai Namagenshu 50, Junmai Ginjo
Sake 3: Mii no Kotobuki Biden Yamahai Tokubetsu Junmai 
Sake 4: Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai (freshly opened)
Sake 5: Shochikubai Mitani Fujio Yamahai Ginjo
日本酒1: 手取川山廃純米(1週間前に栓を開けたもの)
日本酒2: みやさか山廃生原酒50 純米吟醸
日本酒3: 三井の寿 美田 山廃特別純米
日本酒4: 手取川山廃純米(会の直前に開けたもの)
日本酒5: 松竹梅 三谷藤夫山廃吟醸
We had a beautiful dinner. 
Apparently xiao long bao at Min Jiang are amazing... I can not wait to try!
This is it!! 
I still can think of the taste in my mouth... xiao long bao was delicious.
We ate so much and had a great service. 
Pheww... I'm very full and fully satisfied. 
My colleague joined tonight again and met nice people. Such a wonderful night tonight. 

Once again, special thanks to all staffs in Min Jiang and Tachikawa san, Asami san.
I hope to see more people in next sake event!!
改めて、Min Jiangの皆さんと、太刀川さん、そしてあさみさんありがとうございました。

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