Tuesday, 14 February 2012

lunch at Ledbury

One of my favorite restaurant in England is on Ledbury road in Nottinghill, called the Ledbury
Head chef Brett Graham is one of the most talented chef and very friendly.

When I went to the Ledbury for the first time, I was so impressed with everything first time ever in my UK life. Amount of the food were just perfect, service, every single dishes, wine service, taste, polite and formal but really friendly staffs... I've never ever had such an perfect experience before even I've been to several Michelin star restaurant in London... I thought this place deserved three Michelin stars.   
Since then this is my "must go" restaurant for any special occasion. 
I've been telling so many people to try this place, I've never seen anybody came back to me with bad news. Which makes me really proud..

On Thursday lunch, I had opportunity to go back to the Ledbury. 
I was so looking forward to go for a whole week.

I had a lunch with Thomas, Mr Sakurai Vice President of Asahi breweries and Mrs Kaoru who living in Paris, also work for Asahi brewery.
I brought his sake Dassai 23% Junmai Daiginjo to the restaurant as a gift and sample for staffs and chefs to try. But Luke, head sommelier suggested me to try with their signature mackerel dish in middle course. 
I couldn't say NO. 
Of course!!

We had the set lunch menu this time. 
My choice was 

Ceviche of scallops, Kohlrabi and Seaweed
then Short Rib of Ruby Red Beef with Spinach, Onion, Pickled Walnuts and Horseradish.

In between first course and main course, we had a Flame Grilled Mackerel with Smoked Eel, Celtic Mustard and Shiso and tasted Dassai 23% Junmai Daiginjo.
Dassai was actually really good with the mackerel with Celtic mustard and cucumber. But smoked eel was too overpowering unless if you have a very small bite. 
Mr Sakurai and Mrs Kaoru told us Dassai 39% would be better with dishes. I haven't tasted it for so long time and I couldn't think of... 

Before we left, we were offered to go to visit the kitchen and wine cellar. 
Special thanks to Luke, Brett, and all of his staffs. 
I had a fabulous lunch. 
When we arrived at home, it started to snow.... 

It was perfect.
私が、イギリスにあるレストランで、一番のお気に入りと言えば、ノッティングヒルのLedbury roadにある、その名もthe Ledbury
ヘッドシェフのBrett Grahamは、とても才能のある、そしてフレンドリーな方です。

the Ledburyに初めて行った時、私は英国に来て初めて衝撃を受けました。
the Ledburyは、ミシュラン3スターを持っていてもおかしくないと思った程です。
それからと言うもの、the Ledburyは私の”とっておき”なレストランで、今まで多分凄く多くの人にお勧めしましたが、その後、誰一人として満足しなかった人には出会っていません。

この前の木曜日、私はまたthe Ledburyに行く機会がありました。



Ceviche of scallops, Kohlrabi and Seaweed
Short Rib of Ruby Red Beef with Spinach, Onion, Pickled Walnuts and Horseradish

始めのコースとメインコースの間に、例のサバのお料理Flame Grilled Mackerel with Smoked Eel, Celtic Mustard and Shiso を全員に出して頂きました。
私は、サバと、Celtic Mustard、そして添えてあったキュウリが良く合ったと思いました。 この、Smoked Eelはかなり香りが強く、本当に少しの量とお酒を頂くのであれば問題は無いかと思いました。桜井さんと薫さんによると、全く悪くはないけど、獺祭39%であればもっと抜群に合う筈、とのこと。

本当に素晴らしいおもてなしで、Luke, Brett、そしてスタッフの皆さんへ心からありがとうございました。

I'm sorry that I can not show any photos because I didn't take any. 
I really respect what they do and I can not see myself taking a picture of dishes in this place. 
So please visit their website or visit this restaurant.

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