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magical thai dream

When I was still living in Tokyo, I've never attracted to visit any surrounded Asian country, especially somewhere hot, like "tropical hot". Because I always think I can visit anytime, whenever I want to...
And I hated summer. 

Well, my good side of the summer memory is go to swim in the pool at school.  
I loved the blue water (i know its the color of the swimming pool) cools down hot body, sun is drying our skin while lay down on the poolside, listen to the water and cicada were singing so loud around the pool.   
As my parents were ALWAYS working, I had more chance to go to swimming pool, probably more than anybody else. 
We all had a stamp card and we could get a stamp each time when we attend the swimming class, it will be reported to the teacher and the parents. Most of the school in Japan gives a tons of homework to pupils in summer holiday, and attending swimming class were part of it.
After the swimming class, usually we were run to home or run to the ice cream shop. We sit on the heated bench in the park and talk about nothing. What a peaceful days.

But after several years, I lost opportunity to enjoy the summer as much as used to be. 
The college I used to go and the job we all wanted to get, they were not allow us to get healthy sun tan. I think it is still the same for many company in Japan. If you have dark tanned skin, most of the senior or head of the company would think that employee is not really serious in their life. 
So I had to cover myself with a jeans and cardigan in the 37 degrees concrete jangle in Tokyo.
When you get outside there is like a sauna and no breeze whatsoever, but inside of the building were always freezing cold. Morning rush train is the usually worst thing in the summer. 
Also mosquito loves me but I hated them so much. I hated summer.  

As you might know, England is famous for bad weather, it was exceptional in last year. Even I felt missing sunshine.Everybody whomever has been to Thailand told me, they want to go back or move there. So we've made a decision to visit Thailand.   
So, after my magical wedding in last year, we were head off to Thailand.  
We decided to start our journey from Bangkok. When we got off the plane, the heat hit our face. Then got outside, even worst... But luckily driver came to pick us up and inside of the car was like oasis.



今でも こんがり日焼けした人は、企業にとって良いイメージが無いのでしょうか…。
私の場合、 何故か蚊に良くさされる。夏は、日焼け除けと蚊よけの為、いつもサウナみたいに覆っていた気がします。


We were stayed at Mandarin oriental Hotel in Bangkok, such a beautiful hotel.
We had nice view from the room and everybody were so helpful. The details of everything were just breath taking... I felt like I'm in the film or something. We had a well come drink with General Manager in the hotel and went for a dinner at the one of the restaurant in the hotel. 
After our dinner, I still can not believe this happened, but we've met our friends from London at the restaurant! They are living in Majorca now and really can not believe they were sitting in the same restaurant where we just had a dinner. 
Well, we had few more drinks and talk a lot. Then off to the room... We were exhausted.  

Next day, after the long sightseeing in the town and amazing Thai massage at the hotel,  here we comes, Zuma Bangkok
The venue were so beautiful. I loved the lounge and we can not think of if this is located in London... would be amazing. Our friend Karol were looked after us and great character wine sommelier Sam were gave us a little tour in the restaurant.   
Karol, Thomas and me left the restaurant after the last order and we had very god time in the sleepless Bangkok. 

私達がバンコクでお世話になったのは、とても素敵なMandarin oriental Hotel in Bangkok

次の日は市内を観光し、ホテルでマッサージも堪能し、夕方にはZuma Bangkokへ。

Third day, we had a cooking class at the hotel. 
I always wanted to take a class and I was so happy that they provide a Thai cooking class in here.  The class was held at the other side of the hotel across the river, where spa and one of the Thai restaurant(they are gorgeous..) are.

Ta daa!  

We've cooked 4 different dishes. 
Again, the venue were pretty. They have a little garden outside and plenty of herbs and chillies are everywhere. The chef explained us about spices, vegetables, history, etc I found its really really fascinated. He show us how to prep and cook one by one. 
I was quite busy taking note and look at what he's doing and taking a photo at the same time... :-P 
Thomas, one of the other hotel guest and I were a same team. And I had a really good time.

So here is the menu of the day. 
Roun -Minced Pork Wrapped in egg nests-
Phad Chaa Pla muk -Spicy Stir-fried squid-
Gaeng Khua Fug Gai -Red Curry of Chicken & Wax Ground-
Khanom Fak Thawng -Steamed Pumpkin Pudding-

It was delicious.  We've done pretty good. 
Off course! the teacher was great too!!!

Roun -豚ひき肉、玉子の巣包み-
Phad Chaa Pla muk -ピリ辛イカの炒め物-
Gaeng Khua Fug Gai -チキンと冬瓜のタイレッドカレー-
Khanom Fak Thawng -蒸しカボチャのプリン-


And this is the reward of our hard work today!! Selection of spices, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok original apron, and my first "official" certificate with my married name. 
We had to check out straight after to fly to Koh Samui. 
We've left the massive massive thank to the chef and off to the airport. 


Here it is, we are at the Six Sence in Koh Samui.
The hotel were so cute. All rooms are stands individually and every single room has a 180 degrees ocean view from the room.

さてさて、小さなサムイ空港からやっと着いたのが今回お世話になるSix Sence in Koh Samui.こちらも本当に素敵なホテル。一部屋がそれぞれ離れになっていて、部屋からは180度のオーシャンビューです。

Bathroom and the shower is outside.
This is our balcony. We had a tea in the afternoon and breakfast with champagne too. 


We had a dinner at the Dining on the Rocks in the hotel. They have a panoramic ocean view.
Food was really enjoyable visually and taste was good. We loved this grilled garlic served with warm bread. It doesn't smell at all, and sooooooo creamy. Amazing! 
The all following dishes were really beautiful. We had a food baby in our stomach and went back the room. Fully satisfied night.

夕食を頂いたのがホテルの中にあるDining on the Rocks。レストランからの景色は最高です。お料理は見た目にもとても楽しく、そしてお味もどれも美味しく頂きました。

At the fisherman's village...

We loved stay at out swimming pool but we also did quite few sight seeing in the island. 


 This is a restaurant called Sea Wrap. Really pretty and they have a charcoal grill barbeque on the beach and you can choose what harvest of the day do you want to have. It was great for me. All dishes were nice and simple, but when its get dark, there were full of insects flying everywhere. If you don't mind them to jump into your drinks and foods, you would probably enjoy your dinner under the shooting stars but otherwise best time is around the sunset... The dinner service starts from 5pm.

Another our favorite restaurant was actually Italian restaurant called Full Moon. 
Not because we've been eating Thai food everyday and get board, Thomas found this restaurant from the local restaurant guide book. We were not sure but great review on the book, so we've tried to go for dinner one night. 
For 1000% sure I love where we staying but when we got the hotel where the restaurant are locate, it was WOW. The garden were so pretty and they looks just magic.
They have quite big wine menu and very interested menu. We took ("I" took) long time to decide what I want to from the many options as always, and I choose lobster and Thomas ordered Wagyu beef. 
Not offense but I'm Japanese, I know what the real wagyu is. Today, many many restaurants are serving wagyu in the world but sometimes they are so not taste like wagyu that we can find in Japan.  It was a gamble but we tried.
When we received plates I was very impressed with presentation. 
My lobster was delicious and wagyu beef were just beautiful. It was probably best wagyu beef we've ever tasted outside of Japan. We were both shocked.
Well, you can imagine how our dinner went to... We left massive complement and thank to staffs and chef back to the hotel. Still talking about the food in the car. 

このSea Wrapというレストランは目の前がもう海。

それから私達がとっても気に入ったレストランと言えばなんとイタリアンのFull Moon。

Our hotel organized little cultural event in the night. There were music, traditional dance, art, spices and foods... This lady were making beautiful flower out of soap. So pretty.

ハーブやスパイス、お料理や音楽、ダンス、アート等々とてもカラフルに装飾されていました。 この女性がせっけんを削ってお花を作っています。とてもかわいい上に、なんと言う細やかさ。

Our another favorite place was Beach Republic
The staffs were so nice and I liked the venue more than Niki beach though... 
Beach Republic has a delicious watermelon martini and all snacks and foods were delicious.  Not like many other popular beach house and hotels where serving disappointing dishes.
We went there for few times while we were in Koh Samui.

その後の滞在中もいろいろと島を堪能し、お気に入りと言えばBeach Republic
スタッフはとっても親切で、プールも設備も開放感が合ってNiki beachよりも良い感じ…。

 It sounds like wherever serves good food we'd love it... but it is.
We love good food and good service more than anything.
So this is another place our friend recommended to us. Its called Starfish restaurant in fisherman's village.We went there probably 4,5 times while we were in Samui.
In the end of the night of our trip, we had a drinks together with staffs in the restaurant after they closed. Such a great night. 

ホテルからスクーターで20分ぐらいの所にある、漁村(fisherman's villageと言われてますが、日本語だとすごくシブイ響きですね…)Starfish restaurantと言い、友人がお勧めしてくれて、すっかり気に入った私達は 滞在中、4,5回は夕食をここで頂きました。タイ旅行最終日の夜には、レストランのスタッフと閉店してから一緒に飲みました。皆、とてもいい人達で、サムイ島旅行のハイライトにもなる思い出です。
It's been a year since our trip to Thailand.
Now we have a son which I've never thought my life would change so dramatically. (Every mum/dad told me and now we've got a hit on our face!!)
Well, we can not go for holiday and do whatever we want to anymore (means clubbing, get drunk, wake up late and get lost etc...), but now we are trurning new chapter of our life and I'm sure it will be even better than before!!


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