Friday, 7 June 2013

father's day gift idea

To be honest, I've never gave any Father's day present to my father. 
When I was a kid, I always asked to my father what he want to have for father's day (I didn't know it could be surprise present...). 
And my father always replied to me 

"I don't need anyting as long as you(me) and your mum is happy and healthy, that is the biggest present for me." 

So in the end, I gave up to even ask him and think about give him any present, until now I've never thought about the present for "father's day".

The things are changed in this year for our family. 
So this is the my ideas of father's day gift.





IL BISONTE travel bottle

Personalized beer pint for beer lover

Driving experience at the silverstone

Hart warming story for film lover (Untouchable)

  Funky socks from Happy Socks

Why not for daddy to have a relaxing time.... Pampering at spa

Or just simply drawing from your little ones...

Have a happy Father's Day!!


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