Tuesday, 28 May 2013

homemade almond milk

I've been trying to cut daily product from my diet as much as possible. 
Since I was a kid, my mum telling me to drink a lot of milk, like many other mum does. 
But I've never like to drink cow's milk. Unless, the milk has mixed with any fruits or vegetables, and serve with cereal or porridge would be fine, but drink on its own... it makes my feeling sick. I thought I have an allergy to daily products, but my test were all clear when I took allergy test in few years back. 

I always use soy milk for the tea and any cooking. It is not so delicious to be honest, but it makes my feel better. Also soy milk in England is very cheap compared to in Japan. So that's another reason to be able to stick on to it.
But what I love after the dinner is, cheese with good quality of butter and hot baguette.
I always stock up some cheese and butter in my fridge. I've never seen my fridge without them, which is quite selfish diet in deed....:-p


まぁ、言ってしまえば自分勝手なダイエットなのです… :-p

This is a fabulous recipe to make an almond milk. 
I have seen packet of almond milk in the store, but I didn't know it could be make it yourself. 
You'll surprise how easy to make it! Check out the recipe on FOOD52


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