Sunday, 30 June 2013

have a exciting weekend!

I believe this is one of the most excited weekend in the year in UK.

Well, Tour de France has started, Wimbledon tennis tournament are always fun to watch under the sun(could be rain...) and F1 Grand Prix is held at Silver Circuit.
Many people go to the game stadium but more people watch in front of TV.   
Enjoy the BBQ at the garden beside of the live TV? or having long lunch with your friends at the Pub... Just think of it, makes me really happy and so excited.

If you are in Wimbledon or having nice picnic, you have to have strawberry & cream and Pims & Lemonade. To be honest, it is nothing too special and you can have it at any time, but it is nice things to entertain yourself. Don't you think??
Did you know, about 2,032.09kg strawberryes eaten everyday and over 80,000 pints of pims & lemonade drunken at the Winbledon per season.

Have a exciting weekend!


サイクリング好きにはたまらない、Tour de France も始まり、太陽のもと(雨という事もあり得ますが)、 Wimbledon tennis tournamentを見るのも最高、そしてイギリスのシルバーストーンでは F1 Grand Prix が催されます。

この時期、ピクニックや、もしウィンブルドンまで足を運ぶ方は、名物のstrawberry & cream と Pims & Lemonadeをお楽しみあれ。


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