Monday, 8 July 2013

are you ready??

What a beautiful monday morning here in London. 
I love London especially when weather is like today. Bright, sunny, clear Cristal blue sky and warm... But air conditioner is not really introduced to most of the houses (and transport) in this country. Some of the summer had break the record of highest temperature, which is not so beautiful without fresh cool breeze. 
I'm get used to it now but definitely I can not survive summer in Japan anymore.   

Probably 3-4 years ago, one of my colleague gave me a artical of having baby. 
Having a child is very important for some people, but for other people, its not so important. I was definitely "other people", when I received this from my colleague.   
I'd never thought I'd became a mother of my child one day...

I've found different artical from Daily mail, about think you're ready to be a parents.
It is funny and some of them are so true, BUT its not only bad ideas, though.

The thing is nobody tells you about what is the reality, about baby.
Like, first day when you bring your baby to home (in UK, usually discharge baby and mother on same day or next day after the birth. In Japan, baby and mother stay in hospital for 1 week, the nurse look after baby in the night, you'll get beautiful nutritious meal 3 times in a day, and nurse will teach you how to bath baby, nappy change, breast feeding etc... ), the pain of the stitches, breast feeding is SO NOT easy, and this weird color poo, the anxious of is baby sleeping ok??, not vomiting the milk?? what he/she want now??? why the baby is sleeping so much?? shhhh!! baby would wake up!
The breast feeding, I totally agree, it is the best way to feed baby and babies health, but nobody tells you haw hard it is at the binging. The most of the new mum would imagine, such a beautiful picture on the magazine and advertisement, which I had too. 
But reality is different from the beautiful picture. 
PAIN everywhere. 
For the research in Japan, about 98% of the new mum wish to breast feed, but by the first month check up, it will be decrease to 33%.    
When I was pregnant, I went to maternity class twice that provided by NHS, and one of the class were just talked about breast feeding. Off course all mums in the class rise their hands when the midwife asked us who want to breast feed your baby?? But she just told us bright side. Not the dark side...
For example, the mastitis, is the worst. I've got once and it is literally somebody stabbing with bunch of needles deep inside of your breast. When I got this, I couldn't breath, sleep, I was crying and reminds me labor pain (I didn't cry when I was in labor). So I went to the GP to see doctor and she told me "it is very very common, don't worry!" (–_–)... ah, well, thanks for letting me know, now. 
Would be nice if it's been informed at the maternity class... X-(

Since we have new member of family, my life has changed dramatically.
If I knew what I've been through for past 10 months before I get pregnant, would I still want to have a baby?
I don't know... 
But when I think of my son's smile and sleeping face, my answer will be "definitely". 



その同僚がくれた切り抜きとは違うものですが、デイリーメイルに似たような記事を見つけました。think you're ready to be a parents 親になる準備ができているか、考えてみて、と言った内容です。全部が全部本当ではないですが、あー、確かに…というのもあり、結構面白いです。 


まだ私が妊娠中の時、NHS(National Health Service)から斡旋されたマタニティークラスへ2度参加しました。そのうち、1回のクラスのお題は母乳についてでした。
そしてかかりつけの医者に見てもらうと、”あ−、とても良くある事です、心配しないで大丈夫。” (–_–)…


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