Friday, 11 October 2013

japanese wedding

Japanese wedding is something very sophisticated.
I've been asked by few people, how the Traditional Japanese wedding is like.
I've found few videos on vimeo. Everything is different style and I couldn't pic "one", so I've attached three of them.

The last one is really homely warm wedding. The old ladies in the village in Nagano reminds me my grand ma..
Thomas and I got married in England, however I always wanted to have a Japanese wedding. Today I saw those videos and realized there is a groom has to read the vow in Japanese... I don't think Thomas would be able to read them in Japanese... in front of all family.
We've taken some photos last time when we went back to Japan. So I think that's enough..:-P 



Japanese Wedding Film from "OUNCES" on Vimeo.

Japanese Style Wedding // Kenichi & Ayaka from TaQ Inoue on Vimeo.

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