Sunday, 24 November 2013

baby chair vol2

I'm sorry, I've been always talking about babies recently...

As you may know I've been looking for a high chair for a while. (if not, please visit →here) Few weeks of back and forth, read through so many reviews on different websites, couple of painkiller for my headache, I finally bought high chair for Hugo.
Well, to start with, it was not easy to pick.
I've choose 3 candidate chairs, then Thomas picked "the one".
And finalist is......

Baby Bjorn!!
Some of you'd think "ahh!! off course!" or some of you would think "whyyyy???!!!"
It was little over budget but I'm extremely happy after seeing Hugo having meal on that chair. He seems sit comfortably and what I love this product is so easy to clean. One of the candidate were filled with nice cushion everywhere and looks super comfortable (almost looks like a pram..), but I'm so glad that I didn't get that one. The amount of the mess he makes, especially when he's fighting sleep, table, his clothes, face, hair, floor... there is bits and pieces everywhere...

If you are planning to buy a high chair for your baby or gland child, I can recommend this product with confident.
Obviously every babies are different, and I've read few reviews that didn't work well with this product and their baby. So worth look around and if you can try them in the store, that's the best way... I think.





Baby Bjornです!!!
普段はそんなにひどくないのですが、特に眠い時は目をこすったり、もう本人も必死なのが伝わってくるのですが、 そんな時は床も、テーブルも、頭も、顔も服もあちこちに何かしらついていたり落ちていたり。


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