Sunday, 24 November 2013

my country home

the mountain where I chased wild rabbit

the river where I caught little fish

memories, I carry these, wherever I may roam
I hear it calling me, my country home

When I was pregnant, I always sang this song.
Because I'm getting older?, or because I'm became a mom?, or because I had plenty time to think of many things during my maternity leave..?? 
I don't know...
Recently I always think of my home town and my childhood memories. 
When I sing this to Hugo, he's always falling asleep peacefully.

I really want to him to enjoy childhood, then hopefully sometimes he can think of it when he's grow up.

うさぎ追いし かの山

小ブナ釣りし かの川


忘れがたき ふるさと

歳をとったせいか、私も親になったからか、 それとも産休で色々考える時間が出来たからか、最近頻繁に実家や幼少の頃を思い出します。


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