Friday, 22 November 2013

have an exciting weekend!

Thomas has brought some virus from outside. 
So sooner Hugo started coughing, then I've got bad cough too, even I've taken flue jab.
Such a poor thing, little Hugo is coughing like a big man... He's nose are so watery and runny nose were unstoppable. Luckily he didn't have fever. 
I was so afraid of passing the virus to somebody or getting my cough worst, I couldn't really go outside in past two weeks...
We are fully recovered now and ready for the weekend! 

This weekend will be my last weekend of being just "a mum". 
I'm due to returning to work from next week. I'm very excited, happy and worrying about a lot of work that I haven't done or seen for past 8 months.
I'm not so worrying to leave Hugo to nanny, just yet, but it will be really strange feeling. Definitely I'll miss him very much. I hope I won't cry like my mum did..  
But it is true what I've heard from people who has children, I would be more appreciate to have some quality time with family. Not to talk about work at all the time, like used to be. (oops!)

So good bye to maternity leave. 
To be honest, I've suffer A LOT, but it's worth it. I am so enjoying to be with Hugo now, more than ever.

So, this is the few post that I loved...

Pretty party decor idea from OH HAPPY DAY 

Oh! absolutely love this table, cooker, stairs, bathroom.... from desire to inspire 

Interesting cancer detecting from swissmiss 

The beautiful painting from a Taste of Salt

Beautiful autumn colour in Connecticut on From city to CT

Have an exciting weekend!!


トーマスがもって帰って来た風邪のお陰で、ヒュウゴもゴホゴホ、そして予防接種を受けた私もゴホゴホ。 一番かわいそうだったのが、まだ何も分からないヒュウゴ。鼻水は四六時中ズルズル、そのうえ咳もゴホゴホ。熱が無かったのが幸いでしたが、ヴィックスを毎晩塗って、いやいやしてもスポイト(?)で鼻水をとって、自分も体調が絶好調でなかったけど、気が気で無い2週間でした。そんな感じで、他人に移すのも、自分の具合が悪化するのも両方恐れた私は、殆ど外出せずに過ごした2週間でした。



かわいい、パーティーの手作りデコレーションアイディア OH HAPPY DAY 

あぁ!!! このテーブル、階段、バスルーム…全てが私好み!!なのが desire to inspire 

興味深い、癌探知機 swissmiss 

素敵なアート、アーティストは日本人の方?? Taste of Salt

思わずうっとり…な、アメリカはコネチカットの紅葉 From city to CT

Have an exciting weekend!!




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