Thursday, 28 January 2010

Healthy eating by post 郵便で届く健康おやつ

What do you think if you receive a box of healthy foods at your desk or home everyday?? And if its just £2.99 p/box.

Graze is providing a carefully selected natural seeds, fruits, nuts, olive and even chocolate etc.. and deliver it wherever you are.

As well as loads of different types of fruit, they have 17 different varieties of nuts and seeds. The graze range provides essential nutrients that are all to often missed in our modern diets or it may replaces your lunch or you add a little something extra.

Anybody can place the order easily from this website.
You have to chose type of box from 2 different types, and choose a day that you want to get deliver, then enter your e-mail address, name, work/home address etc then you'll receive box of personal tastes.

This service is only available in UK.
There is great offer of gift vouchers as well. It would be great for something different to send your colleague or your family....






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