Monday, 26 April 2010


I had "ikameshi" tonight, for supper. And I had Mikotsuru Girasole Junmai Ginjo with it.
Ika means squid and Meshi means meal or rice in Japanese.
This is typical seaside cuisine, in Japan. The squid is stuffed with steamed Mochigome (sticky rice) and often simmered in soy sauce, dashi, mirin... etc.
My mother brought them from Japan few weeks ago, and I was keeping it for special occasion...
It was nothing special tonight, but I felt like it....

Mikotsuru Girasole has a clean crisp refreshing nose. I thought there was a touch of grounded cacao and pineapple, Kyoho grape skins flavours. And this is medium to light bodied sake, slightly sweet (could be creamy) structure and dry in the end. The acidity will clean the palate and I could feel very gentle tannin after finish.
It was not perfect match but I've felt like I'm in Japan...

今日の夕食は、先日母が日本から持って来てくれたイカ飯と、御湖鶴 Girasole 純米吟醸をいただきました。

御湖鶴 Girasole 純米吟醸は、とてもきれいな香りの日本酒です。

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