Sunday, 20 June 2010

sake seminar by Keith from Masumi Brewery

I had a great opportunity to attend sake seminar on last Tuesday at Chiso restaurant.
Seminar was organized by Asami from WSI and Keith from Masumi sake Brewery in Nagano.
I knew this seminar is going to be different and I was so looked forward to see Keith from Masumi.

I really like him, I like his honesty.
He is very funny, serious, kind, has great knowledge of sake and mostly he has enormous passion of sake. I've never met someone who is like him.
The seminar was about technical subject more than basic knowledge of sake and history of Masumi brewery.
And off course we've tasted three different types of sake from his brewery.
Masumi Okuden, Masumi Arabashiri and Masumi Nanago.
It was very very interested and I actually feel "I've learned something today" when I get home.

真澄 奥伝、真澄 あらばしり、そして真澄 七號の三種類でした。


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