Friday, 16 July 2010

British Grand Prix...

I've been so busy for these last few weeks....
Finally I've done sake menu changes at restaurant today, (pheww!!)
Now we are having new summer sake selections for next couple of months and it seems everything going well, so far... so, I am happy.

It's been already a week after British Grand Prix. Which, I’ve just realized today…
It was such a beautiful day on last Sunday at Silverstone in Northamptonshire. I was wearing sunglasses but too hot to wear it. It does sound weird... I have a small nose and most of the sunglasses are never fit well on my face or if fit, would be fit too well and feel like wearing plastic black mask in the hot sunny day. Shame on my useless nose...
I've never been to watch grand prix at circuit. I was always thinking only somebody special could go there and I'd never have an opportunity to go there...

But I was a one of the special people in last week end.

The day started with a pint of beer under the crystal blue sky.
We’ve entered from gate 9 which took us for 40 minutes to walk in dry dusty street, from main gate. I was wearing thin leather flip flops which is definitely not great to walk on somewhere like this.



We saw beautiful red arrows show just before the race. May be not many people would believe this but I was crazy about airplanes when I was younger.
The show was spectacular. Air planes were magnificent.
It‘s made my day, already....

My seat was at becketts and it was very hot and quite windy. Most of the people were covered with scarf and jumpers.
When the race has started, the 120 something decibel of noise get close to our seat. THAT makes me so excited. I’ve got on real F1 car before (not for drive off course! Ha ha…), but I’ve never thought the cars were so beautiful.
The race finished so much quicker than I was expected.

It was such an amazing experience. I’d love to go again but I don’t know when is the next time will be.
So let's hope…

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