Sunday, 12 September 2010

Dried apricot and Prune stuffed bread

With the fig bread recipe, I created this (photo above).
The dough is so smooth and soft.
I've stuffed dried apricot and prune sauce that I've made about 2 weeks ago.(see "breakfast" on my blog)
Honey and wall nuts, just simply fruits jam, chocolate sauce.. filling can be anything.
It does seems complicated but I've found little idea to make this beautiful shape. This is perfect for gift or any other occasion and you don't need to use knife to cut. It is so yummy!!!
先日作ったイチジクパンの生地を使って、今回はちょっと変わったパンに挑戦です。(写真) 生地はとても柔らかくて、しっとりしたタイプです。

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