Friday, 10 September 2010

IWC Award Dinner

I went to IWC (International Wine Challenge) award dinner at Hilton hotel. It was my second time to attend this award dinner.
I had tasting until 5, and I didn't have enough time to go home and get change, so I got changed into Kimono at work.... And it was same day as the tube strike, so it took nearly 15 min to get a cab.

When I got to the Hilton hotel, there were full of people dressed in tuxedo and cocktail dresses.
Waiter offer me a glass of champagne. I took glass of rosé champagne from him. I found Mrs Teraoka, wife of Isojiman Brewery and her daughter.
I've met Mrs Teraoka last year when I visited Isojiman brewery, she is supporting Mr Teraoka and his brewery. I remember when I went to Isojiman brewery, we've tasted some AMAZING Isojiman sake and we've ate so many Japanese sweets and Japanese delicacies. It was just delicious. We left brewery with quite full stomach.
It was really nice to see her again 9600km away from Japan.
When my glass was empty, a gentleman with red jacket open the door for us.
I could find more familiar faces on my way to the table. Hello-!!

My table. Number 14. My left side was Chris from Tazaki foods and Kitanishi san from Bunraku on the right side. Start with best wine award.

Mr Sam Harrop, the chairman of the IWC sake challenge, explaining to wine industry peoples "what is sake".

In this year 14 sake has won the trophies, 14 sake won the gold medals, 40 for silver medals and 74 sake has got bronze medal.

and Champion sake
in 2010 was...
Junmai: Born Ginsen 2008 from Kato Kichibe Shouten
Ginjo/ Daiginjo: Sawahime Daiginjo 2009 from Inoue Seikichi Co. Ltd
Junmai/ Daiginjo: Nechi 2008 from Watanabe sake brewer shop
Honjozo:Honshu ichi, Muroka Honjozo from Umedashuzojo & Co
Koshu/ Aged sake: Hanahato Kijoshu aged for 8 years 2001 from Enoki shuzo Co.Ltd

We've tasted champion sake on the table. I could met some sake producers who I've never met before.
I wish we had more time to meet and talk to everybody, but even though I had such a great time tonight.
純米:梵 吟選2008
吟醸/大吟醸:澤姫 大吟醸
純米大吟醸:nechi (根知)2008
無濾過 2009
古酒:華鳩 貴醸酒 2001 8年熟成


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