Monday, 16 May 2011

sake seminar at Kiyasii

I’ve been invited for a sake tasting lunch with World Sake Imports founder Chris Pears, at the restaurant Kyasii.
I’ve met him several times in London and New York.
He has a big passion about sake and how amazingly he just passed the course for "Sake Sensory Evaluation" which The Japan National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB) offering for brewery professionals entitled.
If you pass the examinations, you are given certification as "Expert Sake Assessor." So far 47 people have passed the Course. Chris Pearce was the first non-Japanese to receive Certification as "Expert Sake Assessor" in 2009.

So I had so many questions to ask him and I was so looking forward to hearing about the examination from him.
He told me how difficult it was to concentrate all senses onto his palate. The examination sounds so complicated and if I was him I’m not sure I would pass it…

The event was hosted by Asami Tasaka from World sake imports.
And Chris was telling us about how to taste sake in Japan, about rice, Koji, brewing process and his examination.
Then we tried 4 different types of sake.
Chris was giving us a little explanation of each sake and after I had a sip from all glasses, my Buta no Shoga yaki set (lunch set menu of grilled pork with ginger) has arrived on the table.
It was really good value for £15 coming sake seminar + tasting+ lunch.
I had to go to work after, so i rushed into the tube after the seminar finished…

Chris is giving one more seminar exclusive for our staffs tomorrow.
I’m looking forward to that!
先日、日頃から大変お世話になっているWorld Sake ImportsのChris Pearsさんが主催した日本酒のイベントがKyasiiで行われました。

イベントはWorld sake importsのあさみさんが進行を勤めました。Chrisさんが日本と国外で差のある酒の味わい方、米、そして麹の事、そして日本酒の官能試験等を話してくれました。その後は4種類の日本酒を試飲。


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