Tuesday, 17 May 2011

sake tasting night vol2.

Our second sake event was held at Japanese restaurant Nagomi.
One of our sake supplier Tachikawa san has giving us so much help and support this time.
Thank you Tachikawa san.

So this time, we tried 4 different types of sake with very important ingredient for Japanese cuisine, which is Miso, soy sauce and dashi.
I’ve brought Koikuchi Shoyu, Tamari Shoyu, Katsuo Dashi, Kobu Dashi, White miso, Red miso and Mugi miso.

* Koikuchi-shoyu is often called simply shoyu. It has a dark brown colour, rich flavour and complex aroma. One tablespoon contains over one half teaspoon of salt. It may be used as an all purpose ingredient.

* Tamari is made nearly entirely from soybeans with no wheat addition. It has dark brown colour, and the flavour and aroma are rich and strong. Use tamari as condiment or flavour enhancer by adding it at the end of preparation.

* Katsuo dashi is a Japanese stock made from katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes).

* Kobu dashi is a Japanese stock made from Konbu (dried Kelp).

* White miso is the most widely produced miso, made in many regions of the country. Its main ingredients are rice, barley, and a small quantity of soybeans. Compared with red miso, white miso has a very short brewing time. The taste is sweeter, but the umami is softer than red miso

* Red miso is aged for a long time, such as over one year. Therefore, due to Maillard reaction, the color of this miso changes gradually from white to red or black, this giving it the name "red miso". Features of the taste are saltiness, and some astringency with umami. Factors in the depth of color are the formula of the soybeans themselves and the quantity of soybeans used.

* Mugi miso, which is made from barley and soya beans. It often has a chunky texture and is good in salad dressing, dipping sauce for summer vegetables such as cucumber, carrot or even kamaboko.

Dishes started to cover the table from right to left so we decided to eat and eat….
I think everybody had so much fun tonight.
I could invite few people who missed event last time, also someone who doesn’t work in catering industry.
It was so nice to talk a lot about sake but not only about sake.
We were so full but still thirsty, so few people went to the pub just around the corner.
Everybody gave me good feed back so it was really good.


Next sake event will be held in a French restaurant.
We’ll have special guest. I’m so excited from now!!!


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