Sunday, 18 April 2010

my first cream croquette

It was my first time trying to cook these, and I was so impressed with myself and Thomas.
I've made "Japanese style" cream croquettes. I wanted to use crab meat but according to Thomas's request, I used pancetta instead.
I'd like to share this recipe with everybody, it is so yumi!!


cook nicely toasted and crisp cube pancetta 250g
かりかりにフライパンで炒めたパンチェッタ 250g

sweet corn 80g

finely chopped large size onion

butter 50g

flour 60g
小麦粉 60g

milk 400ml
牛乳 400ml

one cube of chicken stock
コンソメ/チキンストックの素 1個

pinch of freshly grounded black pepper

2 eggs (use only one egg yolk for filling and other one and half for coating)

finely crushed bread crumble (use plastic bags to crush them)

1. heat the butter in frying pan and cook the onion until getting nice golden colour.
(please DO NOT BURN!)

2. remove the pan from the heat and add flour, mix them well.

3. put back the pan onto heat. Stir it for a minute and add pancetta and sweet corn.

4. then add milk, chicken stock and pepper.
(butter and pancetta contain salt, so I didn't use salt at all) 

5. stir and mix well with medium heat. when liquid get very thick and very creamy, remove the pan from the heat and add just one egg yolk and mix gently. 

6. replace it to baking tray and cool down in fridge.
(if you move to next stage before get cool down, when you frying, the croquettes will explode, very dangerous!!)

7. when it gets cool, put some oil onto your hands and take spoon sized cream and make small sized ball.
 (if you wish to leave them on plate or tray, do not forget to put some oil on the plate. it can avoid cream and plate stick together and make such a mess!!)

8. coate with flour then egg and bread crumble.

9. deep fry them in 180c oil, until the croquettes get toasty golden colour.
*if the filling starts to leak, take them out from oil. could explodes if you leave it in oil.

It is quite filling, if you can not finish them all, you can keep it in fridge and warm up in oven for few minutes. do not put them in microwave...

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