Tuesday, 2 November 2010

return to tokyo and bye bye japan...

So now we are back in Tokyo.
We had a great dinner at Kozue restaurant in Park Hyatt Tokyo.

The restaurant is on the 40th floor and it has amazing view of Tokyo and Mt Fuji together.

This is the place where I learned and developed 9 years ago.
I would have never been able to drink sake if I didn't work in this place and I would have never come to London if I didn't see this place. I've given everything that I had into this place for four years before I came to London....


This is the view of the restaurant.

In the morning and early evening, you'll see beautiful Mt fuji just in front. It is such a amazing view. I think I was really lucky.

We had chefs' selection menu.
My ex-boss, Ooe-san chef greeting us one by one. I was so glad to see him.

This is the starter, it is ultra silky prawn tofu wrapped with yuba, and topped with salmon roe and tonburi... It was really really delicate and delicious. Ah, seriously just think of this taste... I miss Japan so much!!


Saba Bo-zushi. I love this plate. So elegant... (sigh)

Again, we were so busy to eat and drink sake, and all of us forgot to take photos...
It was so good.
We've ordered Hire zake (=blow fish fin sake) There are 2 different types of blow fish fin to in the cup, which are toasted by lighting the warm sake. It will gives a very toasty aroma. It is normally served in autumn to winter season, obviously when blow fish is in season. It will warms you up and feel like "I am in Japan" and that worked perfectly for me.

We had a great trip in Japan. We had great experience... I was so glad to see all my friends were happy and enjoyed this trip.
I don't know when we can go back next, but I'm already planning where I should go next time.

I bought 27 books from Japan to bring to London... it was my record! thank you Thomas for carrying most of them... And Thank you, James, Roslyn, Christine, Eric and Thomas for this fantastic trip!!


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