Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sake event vol 16, report

It was sunny monday, I've arranged a sake event vol 16.

I was really happy to held this time's sake event at the new Vietnamese restaurant in Soho, called the House of Ho. As soon as you enter the room, the whiff of the sweet spices would cover you. It is encoraging my appetite... 

So, the theme of the sake event today, is "water".
Do you know what % of the water is pure(unsalt) in the world? And what kind of water are they?
So I've talked about the diffferent types of water, benefit of hardwater and soft water, if you make sake with those different water, what would happen to sake? etc.

We had 6 samples to taste, which provided by Tazaki Foods, World Sake Import and JFC.
1. Urakasumi Junmai
2. Wakatake Onigoroshi Junmai Ginjo
3. Koshi no Kanbai "Muku" Junmai Ginjo
4. Kamoizumi Shusen Junmai Ginjo
5. Kikusui Junmai Ginjo
6. Kozaemon Miyamanishiki Junmai


今回お世話になったのは、SOHOにある、ヴェトナム料理のthe House of Ho


1. 浦霞 純米
2.若竹鬼ころし 純米吟醸
3. 越乃寒梅 夢垢 純米吟醸
4.賀茂泉 朱泉 純米吟醸
5.菊水 純米吟醸
6.小左衛門 純米
Tazaki Foods, World Sake Import, JFCより

 Also we had two water samples to blind taste.
Those water are very well known brands and easy to find in the any stores...
So Sample A and sample B, which water content more mineral to the other?? to this question, most of the guests guessed correct. Sample A was Fiji water from Volcanic Fiji Island and Sample B was Evian from France, Evian content more minerals than Fiji, so Evian is harder water to Fiji.
When I've announced the brand names, some of the guests were really surpprised with the answer.


Depending on the enviroment, water hardness are massively different.

So offcourse, water is really crucial for sake making.
Sake made with hard water, they usualy have feminin caracter, and sake brewed with hard water tend to become musculine style. Off course, it could change depending on the rice, yeast, diet in the region etc.

After taste 6 sample sake, we've started to dig in to the lovely dishes.
They were all fresh, a lot of vegetable and full of flavour... It was really good with sake, especially Kamoizumi Shusen!!

ただ、これも造りや材料、そしてその地域の特色等も背景に入れると、一概に仕込み水のみで、必ずこんな特徴になるとは 言い切れないのが難しい所ですが。

特に、広島の賀茂泉 朱泉とはとても良く合ました。

This is famouse pork belly dish...

Massive thanks to The House of Ho, Tazaki foods and World Sake Import!

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